On holiday with your pet!

Are you dreaming of a relaxing holiday with your pet? Hotel Spinelli is the right place for you!

Nowadays more and more people decide to adopt sweet puppies and to live in their company, but it can become a problem if nobody can take care of them when the owners are not at home.

We also had a beautiful dog for many years and we think that you should always be able to bring your furry friends with you, since they are part of the family. For this reason we have decided to accept any type of pet in our hotel.

Lots of dogs of any size and age have slept soundly  in our rooms and spent their holidays playing on the beach in the Darsena Dog Friendly clubs.
Some cats also had the honour of napping in the bed, while their owners were visiting our beautiful town or sunbathing on the seashore.

However, sometimes we have also accommodated less usual pets: a guest once checked in with a glass bowl and a red fish inside, while another time we hosted two funny hamsters in their cage.

We also remember our most peculiar guest: a turtle called Guendalina. Every day she waited for fresh salad and apple, because the full board offer was obviously valid for her too!|

If you are planning to spend your next holiday on the beach with your pet, remind that Hotel Spinelli is waiting for you…

… So pack your bag and come to Viareggio!

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