Hotel Spinelli Viareggio - Reception
The characteristic charm of Viareggio's Darsena in a cozy and comfortable hotel.
Hotel Spinelli Viareggio Giardino

The History

The origins of the business date back to 1948, when Consiglia Amabile undertook the first management, mother of the three Spinelli sisters and grandmother of the current owner.
In the 1980s, management passed to two of the sisters, mum Daniela and aunt Carmen. With the passage of time, there was a natural generational change and in 2003, a total renovation of the facility as it still appears today was made.

Hotel Spinelli Viareggio - Reception

The Hotel Today

Daniela’s son Tommaso and his wife Mary currently lead Hotel Spinelli.
The choice of this family-style management makes for a friendly and confidential hospitality experience.

It is ideal for a business stay given its prestigious location in the heart of Viareggio’s Darsena, the heart of the production of yachts and mega yachts of renowned prestige. At the same time, it is perfect for spending a wonderful vacation in total relax. The location allows combining all the experiences of a perfect holiday: relaxing by the sea, walking along the Promenade for stores, bars and restaurants, wandering around the characteristic historic center, having fun in the nightclubs of the Darsena.

From the well-kept garden that greets guests at the entrance, the facility spreads over three floors, offering different types of rooms that allow guests to choose the ideal stay solution.

Hotel Spinelli Viareggio - La Colazione